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          HARTMANN Zetuvit Plus absorbent dressings

          Sterile superabsorbent wound dressing for very heavily exuding wounds

          SKU: 158406
          Package: 10 piece(s)

          Size: 10 x 10 cm

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          Zetuvit Plus absorbent dressings from HARTMANN

          The HARTMANN Zetuvit Plus Absorbent Dressing is a superabsorbent wound dressing that can absorb and store a very large amount of wound fluid. For optimal moisture management of acute and chronic wounds, the outer nonwoven layer quickly channels fluids inward. The absorbent core, made of cellulose flakes and superabsorbent material with storage capacity, absorbs and stores a particularly large amount of excess exudate. Therefore, Zetuvit Plus is suitable for very heavily exuding wounds in all medical areas. The soft pad cushions the wound area well and can also be used under compression bandages. For safe application without application errors, the side facing away from the wound is marked with green fleece.

          Product details

          • Disposable compress made of cellulose with superabsorber
          • Wound covering with extremely high absorption capacity
          • For the care of very heavily exuding wounds
          • Good cushioning effect
          • High capillary effect of the wound dressing
          • Does not stick to the wound
          • Promotes wound healing
          • Easy to drape
          • Multi-layer structure:
            - Absorbent core made of soft cellulose flakes and highly absorbent superabsorbent
            - wrapped in a fluid-distributing fleece
            - Outer wrapping made of soft, non-adhesive two-layer fleece
          • Wound-remote side made of water-repellent, air-permeable special nonwoven as contamination protection
          • Marking of the side facing away from the wound by green coloring
          • Sterile, individually sealed
          • Available in different sizes

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 pack HARTMANN Zetuvit Plus Absorbent Compresses in the size selected