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          Ethicon MONOCRYL Plus (Polyglecaprone 25) suture material

          Resorbable monofilament - MCP292H

          SKU: 159947
          Package: 36 piece(s)

          Thread and needle: USP 4/0 (EP 1.5), 45 cm and FS2 19 mm

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          (€9.58 / 1 piece(s))
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          MONOCRYL Plus (Polyglecaprone 25) suture material from Ethicon

          The self-dissolving MONOCRYL Plus from the Ethicon brand is a monofilament suture material with an antiseptic coating. The active ingredient triclosan is a broad-spectrum bacteriostatic agent and minimizes postoperative colonization of the suture and surrounding tissue. The resulting bacterial inhibition zone around the suture can reduce the risk of wound infection by 26-28 % . MONOCRYL Plus is flexible and highly stable. It glides through the tissue without a sawing effect and causes only minor reactions. The ready-to-use needle-thread combinations are available in various needle sizes.

          Product details

          • Absorbable suture material
          • Atraumatic needle-thread combination
          • Flexible monofilament with minimal tissue reaction
          • No promotion of bacterial growth around the suture
          • Efficient reduction of the risk of post-operative wound infections
          • Smooth tissue pull-through without sawing effect and trauma
          • High tear resistance
          • Excellent knot sliding properties
          • Stable needles with carefully processed reinforcement
          • Special features of Ethicon needles:
            • VISI-BLACK: black needle body for better visibility
            • PRIME Reverse Cutting: the PRIME cut ensures even penetration and reduced tissue trauma, the needle tip has a reduced mass and is particularly sharp
            • MULTIPASS: the special coating from the tip to the reinforcement offers a particularly smooth and even tissue passage throughout the entire suturing process - for optimal cosmetic results
          • Complies with the prevention guidelines of local and global health authorities (e.g. WHO World Health Organization, CDC Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ACS/SIS American college of Surgeon / Surgical Infection Society)
          • Areas of application:
            • Uncolored: Plastic surgery (e.g. skin closure)
            • Purple: Gastrointestinal surgery (e.g. anastomoses and peritoneum), urology and gynecology
          • Suture type: Monofilament, absorbable
          • Color: Undyed or purple
          • Material: Polyglecapron 25 (copolymer of 75 % glycolide and 25 % caprolactone)
          • Coating: Irgarcare MP (triclosan) (< 150 μg/m)
          • Tensile strength:
            • Uncolored (50 %): 7 days
            • Violet (60 %): 7 days
          • Resorption (100 %): approx. 90-120 days
          • Box with 36 threads
          • Individually sealed
          • Sterile
          • Available in different variants
          Ethicon code Needle designation Needle length (cm) Thread size Thread length (cm) Color Package size Article no.
          MCP4930H P3 PRIME, VISI-BLACK,
          3/8 circle cutting, with precision tip
          13 USP 5/0 (EP 1) 45 uncolored 36 159945
          MCP3040H RB1 PLUS B, VISI-BLACK,
          1/2-circle round body, with flat tip
          17 USP 4/0 (EP 1.5) 70 violet 36 159950
          MCP292H FS2, 3/8-circle cutting 19 USP 4/0 (EP 1.5) 45 uncolored 36 159947
          MCP496H PS2 MULTIPASS,
          3/8-circle cutting, with precision tip
          19 USP 4/0 (EP 1.5) 45 uncolored 36 123094
          MCP3050H RB1 PLUS B VISI-BLACK,
          1/2-circle round body, with flat tip
          17 USP 3/0 (EP 2) 70 violet 36 159951
          MCP293H FS2, 3/8-circle cutting 19 USP 3/0 (EP 2) 45 uncolored 36 159948
          MCP442H FS1, 3/8-circle cutting 24 USP 3/0 (EP 2) 70 uncolored 36 159949
          MCP497H PS2 MULTIPASS,
          3/8-circle cutting, with precision tip
          19 USP 3/0 (EP 2) 45 uncolored 36 123090

          Optimized packaging

          The Ethicon suture material is placed on a wrap-around tray to ensure easy removal of the needle-suture combination. The shape of the RELAY tray packaging helps to reduce suture waste. The suture material quickly returns to its original shape after removal and does not show any kinks. The One-Step RELAY Zipper design also enables direct access to the needle without a pull tab, thus saving time in the operating room.

          All suture material packaging, from the carton to the RELAY tray, is printed with clear labeling and an optical color code. The standardized marking of each suture material helps to minimize errors and enables simple ordering and efficient stock-keeping. The packaging materials such as plastic wrapping carriers, films and cardboard outer packaging are recyclable. Great importance is attached to environmental compatibility both in the product design and in the manufacture of Ethicon articles.

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of Ethicon MONOCRYL Plus (Polyglecaprone 25) suture material containing 36 pieces in the selected variant
          Properties: sterile
          Service options: Medical supplies

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          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.