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          Pinard Horn

          Beech wood obstetric stethoscope

          Article ID: 117262
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Length: 17 cm

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          Pinard Horn from KaWe

          The KaWe Pinard Horn is a single-piece stethoscope for auscultating fetal heartbeats. This diagnostic instrument will allow you to perform easy and quick heart tone checks during home visits, prenatal care, and even birth, all without needing electronic equipment such as CTGs. This Pinard Horn stethoscope is made of high quality wood and has been carefully polished. A fetus’ heartbeat is usually audible from the 24th pregnancy week onwards. Just place the horn’s ear trumpet on the abdomen and press gently with your ear. Do not hold it with your hand, as this may cause interfering noises. Soon-to-be parents can also hear their baby’s first heart sounds in the last pregnancy weeks thanks to this wooden stethoscope.

          Product details

          • Obstetric stethoscope for checking fetal heart sounds
          • Made of sustainable wood
          • For midwives, gynecologists, and soon-to-be parents
          • Pleasant feel and warm material
          • Single-piece design
          • Material: Beech wood
          • Short model:
            • Length: approx. 17 cm
            • Funnel diameter: approx. 44 mm
            • Weight: approx. 45 g
          • Long model (Dutch model):
            • Length: approx. 33 cm
            • Funnel diameter: approx. 46 mm
            • Weight: approx. 65 g

          Delivery contents

          • 1 KaWe Pinard Horn in the desired length
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