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          boso ABI System 100

          Blood pressure monitor for determining the ankle brachial index

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: With pulse wave measurement

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          ABI System 100 from boso

          The ABI System 100 is an innovative blood pressure monitor by the brand boso. ABI System 100 fills an important gap in cardiovascular diagnostics by determining the ankle brachial index, which is of great significance in predicting heart attacks, strokes, and mortality. The device’s measurement is fast, easy, and precise, ensuring that even asymptomatic patients can receive a diagnosis. In addition, the system automatically transmits further important parameters of the cardiovascular system, e. g. single values of blood pressure on arms and legs. Critical values are highlighted by color coding.

          Product details

          • For detecting PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease)
          • Calculation of ankle brachial index
          • Fluctuations are reduced to a minimum through an intelligent inflating system and regulated exhaust speed
          • Easy handling - also suited for doctor’s assistants
          • Transfer of values to a PC via USB port for automatic calculation of the ABI by the application software
          • Material (velcro cuffs): nylon
          • Measurements: L 290 x W 460 x H 83 mm
          • Weight: 3.8 kg (without power supply unit)
          • Available in 2 different versions: with and without pulse wave measurement

          From a special examination to a routine check

          The ankle brachial index (ABI) is currently determined by using the Doppler ultrasound method, which is not only very time consuming but also requires extensive experience in order to offer reliable results. That is why, even on risk groups such as smokers, diabetics, and elderly people, an initial vascular examination is performed so late that an existing PAOD can already lead to symptomatic or asymptomatic diseases of the cardiovascular system. The ABI System 100 provides an acceleration of the process with high-quality results, so that this complex examination method can turn into a routine check.

          This measuring method with ABI System 100 achieves its speed through the simultaneous oscillometric blood pressure measurement on all four extremities, which prevents falsifications through blood pressure variability. The ABI System simplifies PAOD examinations to such an extent, that they do not have to occupy the doctor’s valuable time anymore, but can also be carried out by other medical staff members.

          The powerful software of ABI System 100 allows for a reliable evaluation of examination data. This data can then automatically be matched with the examined patient via the software. Apart from the ankle brachial index, the software also provides further important parameters of the cardiovascular system and the GDT interface enables the transmission of data to the practice EDP system.

          The ABI System 100 is optionally available with the possibility for measuring the ba pulse wave velocity. Measuring the pulse wave velocity can help in diagnosing an arterial stiffness, which increases through advanced arteriosclerosis and causes an increase of the pulse wave velocity.

          Technical details

          • Measuring principle: oscillometric
          • Systole measuring range: 60 - 240 mmHg
          • Diastole measuring range: 40 - 140 mmHg
          • Cuff pressure: 0 - 300 mmHg
          • System requirements: graphic card, 20 MB free hard disk space, USB port, operating system Microsoft Windows XP or higher

          Package contents

          • 1 boso ABI System 100 in the selected version
          • 2 nylon velcro cuffs for arms (22 - 42 cm)
          • 2 nylon velcro cuffs for legs (18 - 38 cm)
          • 1 power supply unit
          • 1 USB connection cable
          • 1 evaluation software boso profilmanager XD

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