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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE BETA 200S ophthalmoscope head

          With XHL or LED illumination and seven apertures

          SKU: 100490.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Head: With XHL 2.5 V

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          HEINE BETA 200S ophthalmoscope head from HEINE Optotechnik

          HEINE’s BETA 200S ophthalmoscope head has a correction range of 74 diopters. This feature, combined with its aspherical optics, will ensure that you correctly diagnose your patient’s dioptric graduation, even at high values. Following the Gullstrand principle, the illumination and viewing beams are separated. There is a recessed and multi-coated viewing window field, which avoids corneal and iris reflections and ensures a balanced illumination of the retinal area (even with smaller pupils). The 7 different luminous field apertures provide the best possible conditions for an accurate ophthalmologic examination. You will need a HEINE handle with the appropriate voltage (2.5 or 3.5 V) to use this ophthalmoscope head.

          Product details

          • Instrument head for HEINE BETA battery or BETA4 charging handles
          • Illumination variants:
            • XHL (2.5 V) for BETA battery handles
            • XHL or LED (3.5 V) for BETA4 rechargeable handles
          • Aspherical Optical System (AOS) which prevents disturbing light reflections
          • Optimised illumination of the eye’s back
          • 7 illuminated field apertures including blue filter and separately switchable interference red-free filter
          • Refractive disc with 28 individual lenses which prevents refractive errors
          • Range of 28 lenses going from -36D to +38D: 74 dioptres
          • Can be used on dilated and not dilated pupils
          • One-finger operation: smooth dimming
          • Recessed, multi-coated viewing window prevents stray light
          • Optical components flush-mounted in cast aluminium frame
          • Dust-proof and impact-resistant design
          • Maintenance-free use
          • Power sources (handles) available separately as accessories:
            • For 2.5 V XHL illumination heads: BETA battery handle (2.5 V)
            • For 3.5 V XHL lamp heads: BETA4 USB rechargeable handle (3.5 V) or BETA4 NT rechargeable handle (for NT4 table charger)
            • For LED light (3.5 V) heads: BETA4 USB rechargeable handle (3.5 V) or BETA4 NT rechargeable handle (for NT4 table charger)
          • Available in different versions
          • 5 years of warranty: For more information, visit HEINE Optotechnik's guarantee conditions. 

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE BETA 200S ophthalmoscope head in the selected version
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