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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head

          Fiber optics with XHL or LED lighting

          SKU: 101045.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Head: With XHL 2.5 V

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          HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head from HEINE Optotechnik

          That’s deep! The HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head has a very high depth of field and offers exact spatial representation as well as a large field of view during examinations. It is used for observing the external ear canals and ear drums.

          BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head – in a nutshell

          • Distal fiber optics lighting with XHL xenon halogen technology or LED lighting
          • Large viewing window made of scratch-resistant glass
          • With 4.2x magnification
          • Swivel lens that can be folded up and sealed airtight
          • Material: solid, matt chromium-plated all-metal casing
          • LED service life: up to 100,000 hours
          • Available in different versions
          • 5 years of warranty: For more information, visit HEINE Optotechnik's guarantee conditions 

          HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head – 4.2x magnification

          This otoscope head is equipped with a large viewing window made of scratch-resistant glass. ENT specialists can use its 4.2x magnification to detect symptoms of disorders or infections of the auricle, eardrum, and tympanum. The swivel lens can be folded up and sealed airtight. It enables a perfect view into the ear and provides sharp and distortion-free images.

          The otoscope has a solid matt chromium-plated all-metal casing. Its clever design allows for precise one-hand operation as well as easy cleaning of the instrument head. It is selectively available with LED or XHL xenon halogen lighting, and compatible with the BETA rechargeable handles. If you select an otoscope head with XHL, you can choose between 2.5 V and 3.5 V.

          Otoscopy refers to a diagnostic method in otology for examining the ear canal. ENT specialists also use otoscopes during routine examinations in order to directly recognize possible illnesses.

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE BETA 400 F.O. otoscope head with the selected head

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