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          CharMED Stethoscope Charms – With Design

          Robust stethoscope charms in crystal look

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          Stethoscope Charms – With Design from CharMED

          Something you could only find in US hospital gift stores is finally coming to Germany! CharMED Stethoscope Bling will give your stethoscope that certain touch. DocCheck Shop now offers the original CharMED stethoscope charms. These crystal charms will bring that extra bit of style to your day-to-day life at work, be it at the clinic or the doctor’s office. And not only will they personalize and beautifully decorate your diagnostic instrument: the charms will also prevent mix-ups and potential loss! A stethoscope with CharMED charms will also brighten up your sometimes dull daily routine at work. Their “bling bling” effect will lighten up your and your patients’ day. These original stethoscope charms made in the US are the first of their kind. You can also give them as a present for friends, colleagues, nurses, doctors, and medical students!

          Product details

          • CharMED stethoscope charm with design
          • In crystal look
          • Exclusive designs from San Diego
          • Available in many different styles to choose from
          • Avoids mix-ups and loss
          • Easy to clean
          • Highly hygienic: No chance for viruses and bacteria!

          CharMED stethoscope charms: The individual “bling” for your stethoscope!

          A study proves that patients tend to trust more doctors and health professionals who regularly use their stethoscopes and other diagnostics instruments. This inspired Dr. Namazy, the doctor and artist who created CharMED Stethoscope Bling, to manufacture sparkling stethoscope jewelry. CharMED Charms are the perfect accessory to a stethoscope, which she believes to be “an important part of every health professional’s uniform”. One thing Dr. Namazy has always disliked is the limited range of colors and style stethoscopes usually come in. This is exactly what inspired the health professional to create these distinctive charms. They are available in different colors and sparkling styles.

          The CharMED’s stethoscope jewelry is not adjustable, but it also fits most stethoscopes. The delivery contents also include a foam insert that will help you fit the clips perfectly to your stethoscope.

          Cleaning and hygiene of the CharMED stethoscope charms

          The charms can be easily cleaned and disinfected in no time at all. You will also be able to clean them in hospital areas which require the highest level of hygiene possible, preventing cross-contamination. You can clean the CharMED charms just like you clean your stethoscope. Just wipe them along with your diagnostics instruments. Use alcohol solution and disinfectant to keep the stethoscope jewelry as safe and clean as your stethoscope.

          Package contents

          • 1 CharMed stethoscope charm in the desired style
          • 1 foam insert

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