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          Light Progress Stet Cube Stethoscope Disinfector

          Easy disinfection with UV-C LED technology

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          Stet Cube Stethoscope Disinfector from Light Progress

          The Light Progress Stet Cube disinfection device is an easy-to-use tool for reliably disinfecting your stethoscope. Using this device is intuitive and simple: you will not need any special guidance or instructions to know how to use it!

          Product details

          • Not compatible with electronic stethoscopes (e.g. Littmann CORE or Eko DUO)
          • Innovative UV-C LED technology
          • UV radiation eliminates pathogenic germs from the chestpiece within a few minutes
          • 3 minutes for standard disinfection, 2 minutes more for an stronger disinfection
          • Long lasting: more than 50,000 uses possible
          • Specially designed for doctors and medical professionals
          • Microprocessor for irradiation and safety controls
          • Special polycarbonate case with magnetic closure
          • Status indicator: in progress, completed, low battery, error
          • Includes rechargeable battery with micro USB cable
          • Includes optional wall mount
          • Includes user manual
          • Weight: 280 g
          • Dimensions: L 11 x W 10 x H 7 cm

          How to use the Stet Cube Disinfection Device

          Open the cover and put the stethoscope inside the box. After placing the stethoscope down and closing the over, irradiation will start automatically. A flashing blue light will indicate this process. After the 5-minute operation time, the device will automatically shut down. You can stop the process at any time by simply opening the cover.

          Package contents

          • 1 Light Progress Stet Cube Disinfection Device
          • 1 charging cable
          • 1 wall mount
          • 1 instruction manual

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