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          Light Progress Stet Clean Disinfection Device for Stethoscopes

          Quick and easy disinfection, at any time and anywhere!

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          Stet Clean Disinfection Device for Stethoscopes from Light Progress

          The Stet Clean disinfection device will clean your stethoscope from bacteria and viruses in no time at all, at any time and anywhere. Its innovative LED UV-C technology will disinfect your stethoscope’s chestpiece using only ultraviolet rays and no chemical agents. This disinfection device is therefore particularly gentle, fast, and simple. The UV-C rays have a wavelength of 260-290 nm and eliminate pathogenic microorganisms, disinfecting your diagnostic instrument particularly thoroughly. This reduces the risk of cross-contamination, something improperly disinfected stethoscopes can cause. This procedure is also very environmentally friendly, since it does not use chemical substances.

          Stet Clean will ensure maximum hygiene in the shortest time possible at the workplace. Using it only takes a few minutes. Disinfecting your stethoscope will not interfere with your workflow: you will be able to quickly come back to your next patient.

          Easy to use, maximum protection

          The disinfection will start automatically as soon as you connect the stethoscope’s head. To do this, first push the edge of the membrane into the gap at the bottom, and then snap the stethoscope’s head into place. The built-in microswitch will measure the mechanical pressure, while the sensor will determine the level of darkness. As soon as this double mechanism confirms that the stethoscope is inserted correctly, the UV-C radiation will be switched on, starting the disinfection process. After only 3 minutes, your stethoscope will be disinfected. The UV-C LED and the blue control light will be switched off. Now you can remove the stethoscope’s head from the device: your diagnostic instrument is ready to use! Please read the user manual for more details on the disinfection process. The battery can easily be charged by simply using the micro USB cable supplied. When charging, the yellow light indicator will flash; when the battery is fully charged, it will light up continuously.

          You can use this device to disinfect all stethoscopes whose heads have a diameter between 46.5 and 47.4 mm. The following stethoscopes have been tested with the Stet Clean and proven to be compatible. It may be necessary to insert the stethoscope sideways instead of upwards.

          • Littmann Classic II Stethoscope
          • Littmann Classic II Teaching Stethoscope
          • Littmann Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope for large animals
          • Littmann Classic III Stethoscope
          • Littmann Master Classic II Stethoscope
          • Littmann Master Classic II Teaching Stethoscope
          • Littmann Master Classic II Veterinary Stethoscope for large animals
          • Littmann Cardiology III / Dual Stethoscope
          • Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
          • Littmann Stethoscope Select
          • DocCheck Basic Stethoscope
          • DocCheck Single Stethoscope
          • DocCheck Twin Stethoscope

          Not all DocCheck and Littmann stethoscopes are compatible with Stet Clean.

          Technical details

          • Innovative LED UV-C technology
          • Standard disinfection in only 3 minutes
          • Only 2 more minutes for a more thorough disinfection
          • Double control system: darkness sensor and pressure sensor
          • Microprocessors control safe irradiation
          • Blue and yellow light shows disinfection status and battery level respectively
          • Case made of special polycarbonate
          • Weight: only 100 grams
          • Dimensions: W 60 x H 141 x D 19/33 mm

          About the charging process

          The Stet Clean disinfection device will be shipped with a low battery charge (<30%). The Stet Clean disinfecting device software is equipped with an energy saving mode that avoids unnecessary battery consumption during the shipping and storage process. This mode can be kept on for up to one year. It is switched off as soon as the disinfecting device is connected to a stethoscope or a USB charging cable for the first time. When charging for the first time, do so for at least 12 hours. Charge the device at least once a week for optimal use.

          Package contents

          • 1 Stet Clean disinfection device