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          eKuore Electronic Stethoscope eKuore Pro®

          Digital stethoscope with connectivity for smart devices | Basic Kit

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          Electronic Stethoscope eKuore Pro® from eKuore

          The eKuore Pro® electronic stethoscope combines innovative design with smart technology. Simply connect this diagnostic instrument via cable, smartphone app or Bluetooth transmitter (optionally available) to the desired headphones or speaker. The device’s listening mode will then allow you to manually adjust the stethoscope’s sounds up to 5 volume levels. If you connect the stethoscope with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, you will be able to visualize, save, and forward quickly and easily auscultating records on the eKuore app. You can also change the device’s frequency with just one click, as well as choosing between a lung, heart, or heart and lung mode, depending on the recording. The stethoscope’s filter reliably cancels out any background noises.

          Product details

          • Electronic digital stethoscope for modern auscultations
          • Ideal for clinics, cardiologist, pulmonologists, telemedicine, and medical students
          • 2 in 1: Use a classic stethoscope or a smart digital stethoscope
          • Intelligent eKuore Pro app for smartphones and tablets
          • Also compatible with the eKuore Vet app for veterinarians
          • Intuitive use: record, play, share
          • Increased auscultation volume and sound quality with optional sound amplification
          • Integrated filter setting with heart, lung, and heart and lung modes
          • Versatile sound transmission: wired or wireless
          • Advance remote auscultation for accurate remote diagnosis via secure Wi-Fi connection
          • Replaceable chestpiece with robust male thread
          • Ergonomic design with easy to grab construction
          • Stethoscope’s diameter: 28 mm (infant size); 35 mm (pediatric size); 42 mm (adult size)
          • Made in Spain
          • Dimensions: L 13 × W 5 × H 3 cm
          • Weight: 85 g (without chestpiece) or 150 g (with chestpiece)

          Technical details

          • LED status indicator
          • 5 intuitive volume levels
          • Filter modes: heart (50 - 150 Hz), lung (50 - 500 Hz), heart and lung (40 - 600 Hz)
          • Integrated QC (Quick Charge) system charges fully in just 2 hours
          • Connection: Micro-USB
          • Power supply: Lithium-polymer battery (1,400 mAh)
          • Battery life:
            • Without Wi-Fi: 10 hours (up to 25 working days)
            • With Wi-Fi: 7 hours
          • System requirements (app): from iOS 10.0 or Android 6.0 onwards

          eKuore adapts to your needs & requirements

          One stethoscope - many functions! The eKuore stethoscope is anything but a conventional auscultation device. Despite its multiple functions and innovative design, it is very easy to use.

          • eKuore may look different on the outside, but it is used just like a conventional stethoscope. Simply press the chestpiece on the patient’s chest and the back.
          • Nobody likes to work under pressure! Your eKuore stethoscope perform best when pressed lightly against the skin.
          • We advise starting with the first volume level when you start auscultating. Feel free to increase it gradually as needed.

          Wireless thanks to smartphone or separately available Bluetooth transmitter

          Whether wireless in-ear headphones or noise-canceling over-ear headphones: eKuore stethoscopes are compatible with almost all common headphones. This diagnostic instrument does not have ear hooks or ear tips, unlike conventional stethoscopes. Simply touch a button to connect the stethoscope with the eKuore app on your smartphone thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi function. You can also connect the diagnostic instrument with Bluetooth headphones using the separately available Bluetooth module. You will also be able to, depending on the model, increase the sound quality.

          The stethoscope can also be connected to a Bluetooth speaker, which is included in the Premium Kit. This is perfect for medical students! There should be at least a 2 meters distance between the stethoscope and the speaker in order to avoid possible interference problems. You can also use a control pad to manually adjust the volume: There are 5 different volume levels which can amplify the noise up to 20 times.

          Using wireless headphones simplify the auscultation examination, especially in those where the health professionals must wear protective equipment (for example, with COVID-19 patients), as there are no cables or ear hooks that interfere with that equipment. In addition, you will have the option of leaving the in-ear headphones in your ear after each auscultation, which will save you the time of having to take them off and on every time.

          Digitize results with the free eKuore Pro app

          Auscultation can be recorded quickly and easily with the eKuore app. The audio files are automatically saved on your smartphone and can be conveniently shared via the sharing function. You can also control the filter and volume modes on the app.

          Smart additional functions on the eKuore Pro app

          • Free download for iOS and Android
          • Convenient live stream during the examination
          • Listening mode for groups and classes: transmit sounds to a Bluetooth speaker
          • Detailed live display of phonocardiographies
          • Internal memory and intuitive export

          The eKuore Pro stethoscope is also compatible with the eKuore Vet app for veterinarians. On this app you will get access to the usual tools (for example, various lung and heart filters or live phonocardiographies) as well as other additional functions especially made for animal's examinations.

          Convertible chestpiece

          The eKuore stethoscope features three different chestpíeces designed for auscultating adults (included in the Basic Kit), infant, children and teenagers (optionally available or included in the Premium Kit). Replacing the chestpieces also reduces the risk of infection.

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