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          MDF Acoustica stethoscope Red

          Dual-head stethoscope made of lightweight aluminum

          SKU: 101224.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing color: Black

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          Acoustica stethoscope Red from MDF

          The lightweight Acoustica stethoscope Red from MDF Instruments offers an ergonomic design and sound performance at an unbeatable price. The lightweight aluminum chest piece with its clear acoustics enables the precise auscultation of the lungs, heart, and Korotkoff sounds. The excellent sound transmission is supported by the stethoscope’s thick, kink-resistant PVC tubing. Its latex-free nature also allows for unrestricted use even for allergy sufferers. Soft ear tips in three sizes enable optimal adaptation to every ear so that no sound is lost. But the MDF Acoustica Lightweight stethoscope offers even more: thanks to the MDF Free Parts For Life program, the ear tips, non-chill ring, and diaphragm can be easily replaced even after years of use.

          Product details

          • Dual-head stethoscope with lightweight aluminum chest piece
          • Chest piece and ear tubes anodized in bright colors for a colorfast finish with high surface hardness
          • Latex-free PVC tubing, extra thick for unique sound transfer
          • Acoustic Pyramid Chamber with integrated stabilization prevents kinks in the tubing
          • ErgonoMax headpiece with integrated spring: the tension of the pre-angled headpiece is adjustable for a personalized fit
          • Ear tubes with patented SafetyLock adapter: prevents accidental piercing of the ear drums by loose ear olives that come off during the examination
          • ComfortSeal ear tips made of soft, phthalate-free silicone in three sizes
          • 2 replacement sets of ear tips included
          • Replacement diaphragm, name tag, and non-chill ring included
          • Material (chest piece): aluminum
          • Length (total): 79.5 cm
          • Length (tube): 53 cm
          • Diameter (bell): 34 mm
          • Diameter (diaphragm): 44 mm
          • Available with engraving
          • Tubing available in different colors

          Free Parts Program

          Free replacement parts! MDF Instruments’s “Free Parts For Life” program guarantees you free replacement parts for your MDF stethoscope. This includes ComfortSeal ear tips, retaining rings, diaphragms, non-chill rings, and name tags. If you need replacement parts, please contact us via our contact form.

          Package contents

          • 1 MDF Acoustica stethoscope Red with tubing in the selected color
          • 2 replacement sets of ComfortSeal ear tips in different sizes
          • 1 replacement diaphragm
          • 1 name tag
          • 1 non-chill ring
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