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          MDF Twin Stethoscope

          Dual Head Stethoscope for health professionals

          SKU: 100134.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing color: Black

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          Twin Stethoscope from MDF

          Lightness meets sensitive acoustics! The MDF Dual Head Stethoscope is light and handy, making it the perfect tool for quick and frequent auscultations. The soft ear tips will allow you to wear the solid two-sided stethoscope comfortably. The diagnostic instrument also features an ultra-sensitive diaphragm which transmits high frequencies and isolates low frequencies.

          Product details

          • Ergonomic and lightweight design
          • Angled and chrome-plated ear hooks with binaural construction
          • Two-sided chestpiece made out of aluminum
          • With full-rotating acoustic valve stem, non-chill rim, and transparent ear tips made of silicon
          • Includes spare parts kit consisting of 2 pair of soft ear tips and 1 diaphragm
          • Includes ID tag
          • Latex-free
          • Tube length: 50 cm
          • Weight: 122 g
          • Optional engraving
          • Available in different colors

          The reliable and light stethoscope

          The MDF Dual Head Stethoscope is an easy-to-use stethoscope which features a single-lumen tubing. You will always make reliable diagnosis when auscultating with this durable stethoscope thanks to its high quality manufacturing. The stethoscope also features a full-rotating acoustic valve stem that is able to quickly find the active sound channel for you. All of this makes the MDF Dual Head Stethoscope the best option if your budget is on the tighter side. Nevertheless, this two-sided stethoscope will impress you with its good acoustic quality and solid construction.

          Free-Parts Program

          Free spare parts! MDF Instrument offers all registered customers free spare parts with the Free-Parts Program. This includes ear tips that fit all MDF stethoscopes, as well as retaining rims, non-chill rims, diaphragms, and ID tags. Simply contact us via our contact form.

          Package contents

          • 1 MDF Dual Head Stethoscope in the selected color
          • 2 pairs of soft ear tips
          • 1 spare diaphragm
          • 1 non-chill rim
          • 1 ID tag