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          Spengler Pulse II Two-sided Stethoscope

          Efficiency combined with impressive lightweight

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Color: Coral

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          Pulse II Two-sided Stethoscope from Spengler

          Spengler’s Pulse II Two-sided Stethoscope is the result of a collaboration between the acoustic engineers of the Centre nationale de la recherche scientifique (French National Research Center) and the students of the École centrale de Marseille school of engineering. The stethoscope is made of aluminum, a material that makes the diagnostic instrument particularly lightweight without sacrificing its efficiency. The stethoscope’s pleasant colors and unique appearance make it the perfect partner in crime for the stressful everyday life of medical professionals.

          Product details

          • Two-sided Pulse II Stethoscope for nurses
          • Chestpiece and ear hooks made of aluminum
          • Two-sided chestpiece (adult/ open bell)
          • Includes fiberglass membrane for perfect acoustics
          • New ear hook design for better auscultations
          • Includes silicone ear tips for excellent comfort
          • Innovative tubing technology for better background noise isolation
          • Latex-free
          • Available in different colors

          The lightweight among chestpieces

          The Pulse II’s chestpiece is made of aluminum, a material that makes the diagnostic instrument particularly lightweight without having to sacrifice its efficiency

          Perfectly protected chestpiece

          The stethoscope’s non-chill rim is particularly large, covering the entire upper part of the chestpiece. This will protect your stethoscope at all times, even if it falls down.

          Improved ear hooks

          The Magister II’s ear hooks feature a new shape which gives them a certain lightness, all without any angular edges. These hooks are therefore able to transmit excellent sound waves to the ear tips.

          Unique knowledge

          Spengler invented the blood pressure monitor in 1907, creating a dream team between stethoscope and blood pressure measurement. Spengler has been developing stethoscopes for medical professionals for over 100 years.

          Technical details

          • Acoustic performance: 6
          • Weight (chestpiece): 28 g
          • Weight (stethoscope): 95 g
          • Diameter (adult membrane): 47.4 mm
          • Diameter (children membrane): 30.12 mm

          Package contents

          • 1 Pulse II Two-sided Stethoscope in the desired color
          • 2 pairs of ear tips
          • 1 non-chill rim
          Service options: Laser engraving
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