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          DocCheck Tuning fork “Plinng”

          Based on Rydel-Seiffer with foot and detachable dampers

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          Color: Silver

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          Tuning fork “Plinng” from DocCheck

          Plinng, plingg, plinng-a-ling – do you feel it? The DocCheck tuning fork “Plinng” is used for determing pallaesthesia. A patient’s vibrations sensitivity can be examined by making the tuning fork (based on Rydel-Seiffer) swing with low vibrations and holding it against superficial bone protrusions. Let it plinng!

          Product details

          • Tuning fork based on Rydel-Seiffer
          • For determining pallaesthesia on the metatarsophalangeal joints or knuckles
          • Robust and easy to clean
          • Incl. foot
          • Incl. removable dampers (C128 Hz / C64 Hz)
          • Silver version: scale as plastic sticker
          • Black, blue, and copper version: scale as engraving
          • Material: stainless steel
          • Available with engraving
          • Available in different colors

          Tuning fork based on Rydel-Seiffer

          The tuning fork based on Rydel-Seiffer is especially suited for the assessment of a neuropathy in neurology. Scaled weights allow for a patient’s vibration sensitivity to be objectively measured. Apart from its neurological use, the tuning fork also serves for diagnoses in audiology as it enables establishing easy and orienting hearing test diagnoses.

          Package contents

          • 1 DocCheck tuning fork “Plinng” in the selected color
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          Service options: Laser engraving

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