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          ERO SCAN DPOAE-Screener

          OAE Screener for audiological tests with probe & software

          Order number: 122320
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Execution: Device without wireless printer

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          €3,699.00 * net

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          You will receive your goods between the 11.02.2023 and 15.02.2023

          ERO SCAN DPOAE-Screener from MAICO

          The ERO SCAN DPOAE screener from MAICO allows fast and frequency-specific DPOAE measurements. The intuitively operated test device can also be used in backgroundnoise thanks to the high noise immunity and is thus the optimal companion for use in the clinical area and in the practice. The test device has a color display and enables easy evaluation by means of pass/refer result. The automated evaluation is the optimal solution for screening newborns, infants, kindergarten and preschool children. Using the OAE database software , patient data can be transferred to a PC and the reports can beviewed and managed . The wireless thermal printer allows to print test results automatically or manually , making it easy to keep track of all data.

          Product details

          • DPOAE screener for  audiological tests
          • Frequency specific DPOAE examination
          • Graphical display and direct results
          • Ergonomic probe allows safe sealing of the ear
          • Intuitive operation and easy interpretation of results
          • Color display and evaluation by bar or line chart
          • Mobile use due to high noise immunity
          • Ideally suited for screening newborns, infants, kindergarten and preschool children
          • Fast, automatic test with pass/refer result
          • Incl. OAE software for integration into practice EDP
          • Incl. 2 predefined protocols for screening
          • Dimensions: W 66 x H 31 x L 145 mm
          • Weight: 176 g
          • Optionally available with thermal printer

          Early detection of hearing loss through frequency-specific DPOAE screening

          By means of the DPOAE measurement, different frequency ranges of the inner ear can be checked. Pure sinus tones are used as the stimulus in this method and it is the most accurate and objective test of the inner ear. A positive result provides information about good outer hair cell function and a clear path through the outer and middle ear. DPOAE screening is an important component, to screen newborns and children for hearing loss and critical to provide optimal treatment.

           Technical data

          • Frequency range: 2.0 kHz to 5.0 kHz
          • Stimulus intensity range: 40 dB SPL to 70 dB SPL
          • Battery: Lithium-ion
          • Display: OLED
          • PC Interface: Micro USB, wireless transmission
          • Battery life: 1000 tests per charge
          • Input power supply: 5.0 V DC, 1.6 A
          • Output power supply: 100 V - 240 V AC, 50 Hz - 60 Hz, 400 mA

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 MAICO ERO SCAN DPOAE screener
          • 1 measuring probe
          • 120 earplugs
          • 100 spare probe tips
          • 1 PC software incl. database
          • 1 carrying case
          • 1 tool for removing the ear tips
          • 1 tool for removing the probe tip
          • 1 rechargeable battery
          • 1 power supply unit 

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