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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope

          With achromatic optical system

          SKU: 101386.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: With BETA 4 USB rechargeable handle

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          HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope from HEINE Optotechnik

          The HEINE DELTA 20T dermatoscope will allow you to examine skin lesions thanks to its precise optical system and LEDHQ illumination. You will also be able to switch between polarized and non-polarized lighting by simply pressing a button, a feature that will facilitate the diagnosis process.

          Product details

          • Extremely sharp images thanks to HEINE’s achromatic optical system
          • LEDHQ with high color fidelity
          • Toggle function: switch easily between polarized and non-polarized illumination
          • Individual focus adjustment
          • 10x magnification
          • Contact lens with scale and bayonet mount
          • With BETA4 USB charging handle and charging table
          • Rechargeable battery with Li-ion technology: no memory effect
          • 5 years of warranty: For more information, visit HEINE Optotechnik's guarantee conditions

          Product specifications

          The HEINE DELTA 20T dermatoscope features a high-quality achromatic optical system and delivers sharp, high-resolution skin lesions’ images. This sophisticated diagnostic instrument will allow for both nonpolarized dermoscopies (with skin contact and immersion fluid) and polarized dermoscopies (with no contact and polarized illumination). The dermatoscope allows for a between 10 and 16x magnification.

          The toggle function will allow you to switch between polarized and non-polarized lighting by simply pressing a button: you will not have to change the contact plate! Quickly switching between these modes, a procedure called “bling test”, facilitates an early detection of crystalline structures or milia.

          The low-maintenance LED Illumination of the DELTA 20T dermatoscope head provide great Coloring Rendering Index (CRI) and illuminates the examination area uniformly. The charging handle with Li-on technology ensurer that your diagnostic instrument is always ready to use. The battery ban be recharged at any time no matter the charge status, something that will not cause any capacity loss.

          Technical details

          • Dermatoscope
            • Magnification: Between 10x and 16x
            • Diopter compensation: -6/+6 dpt.
            • Autoclavable contact lens: 23 mm with scale
          • Charging handle:
            • 1 3.5 V BETA4 USB charging handle.
            • With medically approved plug-in power supply

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE DELTA 20T dermatoscope
          • 1 USB charging cable with plug-in power supply
          • 1 tray

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