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          HEINE Optotechnik HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope Head

          With achromatic optical system

          HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope Head
          SKU: 100682.1
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Contact plate with scale

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          HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope Head from HEINE Optotechnik

          The HEINE DELTA 20T dermatoscope head is used as a reflected light microscope to examine pigmented skin lesions. The LED illumination allows for an accurate and quick diagnosis. The HEINE DELTA 20T head has some features that will impress you, like its reliable and precise optics, which provide some large, detailed, sharp and distortion-free images of the examined skin areas. This head is also very practical, since it fits all HEINE BETA handles.

          Product details

          • Extremely sharp images thanks to HEINE’s achromatic optical system
          • LEDHQ with high color fidelity
          • Toggle function: switch between polarized and non-polarized lighting
          • Daylight diodes
          • Adjustable sharpness
          • LED lifetime: virtually unlimited
          • Fits all HEINE BETA handles
          • Contact plate optionally with or without scale

          Technical details

          • Magnification: Between 10x and 16x
          • Diopter compensation: -6/+6 dpt.
          • Autoclavable contact lens: 23 m
          • Daylight 6-LED full illumination or 3-LED lateral illumination for contrast enhancement

          Package contents

          • 1 HEINE DELTA 20T dermatoscope head
          • 1 contact plate (optionally with or without scale)

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