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          LUXAMED LuxaScope Dermatoscope LED 2.5 V

          With intense LED concentrically arranged ring lights

          SKU: 100557.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Color: Black/Silver

          Contact plate: With scale

          €225.98 inc. VAT*
          €189.90 ex. VAT*

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          The delivery will take place between the 20.07.2024 and 24.07.2024
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          LuxaScope Auris farbiges LED-Otoskop
          €67.50 ex. VAT*
          €80.33 inc. VAT*
          Reflexhammer nach Buck
          €17.95 ex. VAT*
          €21.36 inc. VAT*
          LuxaScope Dermatoskop LED 2.5 V
          €189.90 ex. VAT*
          €225.98 inc. VAT*
          Kit price
          €256.07 ex. VAT* €304.73 inc. VAT* Instead of €275.35 ex. VAT* €327.67 inc. VAT*

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          LuxaScope Dermatoscope LED 2.5 V from LUXAMED

          An original design and colorful accents make the LuxaScope Dermatoscope LED 2.5 V a useful tool for every dermatoscopy clinic. You will make accurate and precise diagnosis thanks to this diagnostic instrument, no matter the color you get it in – classic black, fine white with aluminum parts, or the colorful Color-Edition. This dermatoscope features a ring of 6 concentrically arranged LED lights, which shine with a homogenous light and show sharp images, and a variably adjustable zoom function with an up to 10x magnification, which will allow for an effective skin lesion’s screening. The neutral white light is energy-efficient and dimmable. The included contact plate can be purchased with or without scale – whatever you prefer. The LuxaScope dermatoscope is compact and pocket-sized, so you can take it with you outside the clinic and use it on the go. Lamp replacements are not necessary, so it is also maintenance-free.

          Product details

          • Pocket-size dermatoscope
          • Two-component handle available in different colors
          • LED ring with 6LEDs concentrically arranged
          • Sharp images thanks to the homogenous lighting
          • Variably adjustable zoom function for high resolution images
          • 10x magnification
          • Dimmable and maintenance-free lighting
          • Automatic switch-off after 3 minutes
          • Battery operated: use it on the go
          • Includes batteries (2x AAA)
          • Included contact plate, optionally with or without scale
          • Handle material: aluminum, glass fiber reinforced plastic
          • Available in different colors

          Technical details

          • Magnification: up to 10x
          • Illuminance level: 10,000 lux
          • Color temperature: approx. 4,200 K
          • LED lifetime: approx. 100,000 hours
          • Power supply: Battery (2x AAA)s

          Package contents

          • 1 LuxaScope dermatoscope LED 2.5 V
          • 2 AAA batteries