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          Parker Laboratories Spectra 360 electrode gel

          Optimal conductivity during electromedical procedures

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          Package: 250 g

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          Spectra 360 electrode gel from Parker Laboratories

          The Spectra 360 electrode gel by Parker Laboratories is characterized by excellent electrical conductivity and long-lasting moisture. It is suitable for the use in all electromedical applications except for defibrillation. The salt-free formula ensures long-lasting low skin resistance without having to reapply the electrode gel. The composition of Spectra 360 allows for the application with rubber and carbon electrodes with high conductivity – this is especially relevant for electrostimulation therapy. The skin-friendly Spectra 360 is not just applicable in ECG and TENS, but also for monitoring, while ensuring that the patient is protected from skin irritations due to prolonged use.

          Product details

          • Electrical conductivity for electrodes in electrostimulation therapy and electromedicine
          • Ideal for ECG TENS monitoring, and pediatrics
          • Reduces skin resistance for optimal conductivity
          • Long-term moisture
          • Suitable for conductive rubber and carbon electrodes
          • Must not be used for defibrillation
          • Salt-free – no transfer of sodium ions
          • Skin-moisturizing effect
          • Non-grainy composition
          • Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
          • Bacteriostatic
          • Content: 250 g

          Package contents

          • 1 tube of Parker Laboratories Spectra 360 electrode gel