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          Pulox Checkme Pro by Viatom ECG Monitor

          Mobile ECG monitor with pulse oximeter & thermometer

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Version: with pulse oximeter and thermometer

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          Checkme Pro by Viatom ECG Monitor from Pulox

          The Pulox Checkme Pro by Viatom is a true all-rounder! The compact device combines a one-channel ECG, pulse oximeter, thermometer, pedometer, and calendar, and comprehensively determines central physiological vital parameters. ECG values, oxygen saturation, body temperature, and heart rate can be measured anytime and anywhere, on the go or at home, via the device’s integrated contact areas. The included accessories additionally allow for a recording of professional long-term ECG measurements as well as continuous Sp02 measurements at night. This makes the Pulox device perfectly suitable for being given to patients for use at home. All measured values of Checkme Pro can not only be displayed on its high-resolution touch display, but can also be transferred to an app on a mobile device.

          Product details

          • Portable 1-channel ECG monitor with pulse oximeter and thermometer
          • Professional vital parameter evaluation with ECG, heart rate, Sp02
          • Integrated pedometer, calendar, and appointment reminder function
          • Measurement: wireless or with electrodes
          • Reliable results thanks to professional ECG algorithm
          • Big LCD display with touch screen
          • Curve evaluation via PC software
          • Daily and long-term measurements (ECG and Sp02 values)
          • Incl. ECG cable, USB charging cable, USB drive with PC software, Sp02 finger sensor, cuff, and ECG belt
          • Measurements: L 88 x W 56 x H 13 mm
          • Weight: 80 g

          A health check has never been so easy!

          Small but powerful: despite its handy size, the Pulox Checkme device offers all essential functions for an extensive vital parameter evaluation. Different modi, which visually guide users through the process, are available for monitoring physiological parameters: ECG measurement, thermometer, pulse oximeter, and sleep monitoring. All data can be either portrayed, analyzed, and saved on the monitor, or alternatively evaluated, saved as a PDF file, and printed via Bluetooth in an app and/or via the supplied PC software.

          ECG measurement

          ECG measurements are made either wirelessly via integrated electrodes and sensors on the outside of the monitor, or wired and by means of supplied electrodes for recording long-term ECG measurements of heart rate, QRS complex, as well as ST measurements.

          • Electrode type: integrated ECG electrodes, external ECG cable
          • Measurement modes: leads I and II
          • Recording duration: wireless recording 30 seconds
          • Sampling frequency: 500 Hz / 16 Bit
          • Monitor interval: 1.25 / 2.5 / 5 / 10 / 20 mm/mV
          • Sampling speed: 25 mm/s
          • Bandwidth: 0.05 to 40 Hz
          • Electrode potential tolerance: ± 300 mV
          • Blood pressure measurement: systolic pressure, non-invasive, without cuff

          Sp02 measurement

          Two sensors for the acute control of Sp02 saturation are located on the outside and next to the Checkme display. A supplied Pulox Sp02 sensor offers the possibility of long-term monitoring of Sp02 values for up to 10 hours. This allows for diagnoses of, for instance, a potential obstructive sleep apnea.

          • Section: 70% to 100% ± 2 - 3 %
          • Heart rate (PR): 30 to 250 bpm ± 2 bpm or ± 2% (whichever value is higher)
          • Perfusion index (PI): 0.5 - 15 %
          • Recording duration: up to 10 hours

          Temperature measurement and pedometer

          The temperature measurement is done via an integrated infrared temperature sensor with high accuracy. As a daily companion in your pockets, Checkme Pro’s integrated pedometer can additionally evaluate a person’s level of activity, as well as information about distance and calories burned.

          • Temperature measurement:
            • via infrared on the temple
            • Measuring range: 34.0 - 42.2 °C
            • Ambient temperature: 16.0 - 40.0 °C
          • Pedometer measurement: 99,999 steps, distance, time, calories, fat

          Technical details

          • Display: 2,7” touch screen
          • Storage: 100 records
          • Power supply: rechargeable lithium polymer battery
          • Charging time: approx. 2 hours
          • Battery capacity: approx. 1,000 daily measurements
          • Operating temperature: 5 - 45 °C
          • Protection category: IP22
          • Connectivity: micro USB, bluetooth dual mode, 4.0 BLE
          • Language: English and German customizable
          • PC software: Checkme Browser Pro (Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Windows XP is not supported)
          • Optional: free ViHealth app for iOS and Android (data export, data evaluation, curve playback, trend evaluation, data transfer)

          Delivery contents:

          • 1 Pulox Checkme Pro portable Vitalcheck ECG monitor by Viatom
          • 1 ECG cable
          • 1 Sp02 fingertip sensor
          • 1 adapter plug for long-term monitoring
          • 1 USB charging cable
          • 1 USB stick with PC software
          • 10 adhesive electrodes
          • 1 long-term ECG belt
          • 1 cuff
          • 1 instruction manual

          The laptop shown is not included in the delivery contents