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          SE-2003A EKG Recorder

          Long-term ECG recorder with Holter analysis software

          Article ID: 102216.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Model: 3-channel ECG

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          SE-2003A EKG Recorder from EDAN

          The SE-2003A ECG Recorder from EDAN measures and monitors heart rate for up to 8 days on a single battery. A reliable 3-channel ECG is combined with innovative analysis software. The compact ECG with 7-electrode ECG cable features an advanced noise reduction method and a real-time waveform display. After measurement, the device is easy to clean as it is water and dust resistant. The acquired data can then be analyzed in the Holter analysis software.

          Product details

          • Reliable 3-channel long-term ECG
          • Waterproof and dustproof
          • Modern noise suppression method
          • Customizable and adaptable analysis software
          • Event marker to record special events
          • Real-time waveform display
          • Compact and easy to clean
          • Up to 8 days recording with one battery
          • Incl. Holter analysis software
          • Incl. 30 disposable electrodes
          • Weight: 75 g

          User-defined workflow with Holter analysis software 

          The analysis software enables a personalized and comfortable workflow through adjustable parameters. The user-defined workflow features automatic atrial fibrillation analysis, automatic ST elevation/depression analysis and other functional modules. The innovative software enables more accurate, faster and user-friendly application of long-term ECG.

          Technical details

          • Measurement method: 3 leads
          • Data transmission: USB
          • Power supply: AAA battery

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 EDAN SE-2003A ECG Recorder
          • 1 Holter analysis software
          • 30 ECG disposable electrodes
          • 1 SD card
          • 1 USB cable 
          • 1 Quick Reference card
          • 1 carrying strap
          • 1 pouch

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