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          GE Healthcare Chest wall suction electrode

          Reusable electrode for banana plugs

          Chest wall suction electrode
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          Chest wall suction electrode from GE Healthcare

          The chest wall suction electrode by GE Healthcare is a reusable electrode that was specially designed for chest leads in ECG measurements. It can be connected to all common ECG devices via the banana plug port and a suitable connection cable. The rubber ball creates a negative pressure within the bowl-shaped cuff, which ensures a particularly strong adhesion of the multi-purpose electrode. The silver/silver chloride coated contact surface allows for optimal transmission of all relevant parameters. Both electrode paper and gel are suitable contact agents.

          Product details

          • Reusable suction electrodes for the chest wall
          • Electrocardiogram on adults
          • Optimized for chest leads
          • High contact thanks to ergonomic shape
          • Port for 4 mm banana plugs
          • Color: blue/black
          • Contact surface material: silver/silver chloride
          • Diameter: 22 mm

          Package contents

          • 1 GE Healthcare chest wall suction electrode
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