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          Sayoli Air sterilizer Sayoli 200

          Air purifier with UVC lamp and HEPA filter

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          Air sterilizer Sayoli 200 from Sayoli

          The UV-C air sterilizer Sayoli 200 cleans the room air with a highly effective HEPA filter to 99.99 %. In addition, a UVC lamp sterilizes the air flowing through. Viruses, bacteria, allergens and harmful substances are reliably removed and rendered harmless. The air purifier can be placed in any room and is safe to use.

          Product details

          • Air purifier with HEPA filter and UVC lamp
          • For rooms up to 80m2
          • Effective against pollutants, fine dust and allergens
          • Germicidal UVC radiation against viruses, bacteria and molds
          • Filter class: Dense Japanese HEPA / EPA filter class E12 with antibacterial coating
          • UV radiation is shielded by the housing and therefore harmless to people
          • Chemical free and environmentally friendly
          • Change filter once a year
          • Compact footprint
          • Particularly quiet continuous operation
          • Made in EU (Poland)
          • UV lamp lifetime: 9000 h
          • Change of HEPA filter: Every 12 months
          • Material housing: steel, powder coated
          • Dimensions: H 50,3 x W 25 x D 25 cm
          • Weight: 14,2 kg

          Hygienically clean air through UVC radiation

          The Sayoli 200 room air purifier uses mechanical filtration to clean the room air of all harmful particles. A PET pre-filter picks up coarse dust particles and hair to increase the efficiency of the HEPA particle filter. With nearly 100 percent cleaning efficiency for particle sizes of 2.5 µm and smaller, the HEPA filter is particularly effective against allergens, fungal spores, fine dust, and viruses and bacteria. The filtered air then flows past the UVC lamp. The concentrated radiation with a wavelength of 250 - 280 nm has an immediate germicidal effect, therefore all pathogens are reliably killed. The UVC radiation is shielded by the solid housing and does not penetrate to the outside. Therefore, the sterilization process is safe for people who are in the room. The airflow is sucked in through the grids on all sides of the unit and the purified air is discharged upwards. Therefore, the UV-C air sterilizer can be placed anywhere in the room.

          Technical details

          • Cleaning capacity: Up to 200m3/h
          • Fan speed: 1
          • Noise level: 14 - 20 dB
          • Power: 16 W
          • Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Sayoli air sterilizer Sayoli 200
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