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          Sayoli Air sterilizer Sayoli 300

          Mobile air purifier with UVC lamps for air disinfection

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Power : 55 W

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          Air sterilizer Sayoli 300 from Sayoli

          Sayoli 300 air sterilizer is specially designed for indoor air purification of large spaces such as office areas, restaurants or public buildings. With the help of the lamps, the indoor air of a room up to 120m2 can be sterilized and purified in less than an hour - viruses and bacteria are rendered harmless. 

          Product details

          • Air purifier with UVC lamps
          • UVC radiation decomposes viruses and bacteria
          • UV radiation is shielded by the housing and therefore harmless to people
          • For rooms up to 120m2
          • Chemical-free and environmentally friendly
          • Particularly quiet continuous operation
          • Made in EU (Poland)
          • Incl. rollers
          • Lifetime of UV lamp: 8000 h
          • Material housing: steel, powder coated
          • Dimensions: H 132 x W 15 x D 15 cm
          • Available with different powers (55, 110 or 165 W)

          Germ-free air through UVC radiation

          The Sayoli 300 uses high quality UVC lamps to eliminate germs. Over 8000 hours they provide a constant UV output. This corresponds to a continuous use of almost one year. With the help of a counter, lamp replacement can be planned at an early stage.

          The UVC radiation is shielded by the housing of the air purifier and no ozone is produced. Therefore, the air purifier can be used even near people. The air flow is sucked in through the grids on all sides of the device and the purified air is discharged upwards. This allows the UV-C air sterilizer to be placed anywhere in the room.

          Technical details

          • Cleaning capacity at 55 W: 300m3/60 min
          • Cleaning capacity at 110 W: 300m3/45 min
          • Cleaning capacity at 165 W: 300m3/30 min
          • Fan speed: 1
          • Noise level: 45 dB
          • Power: 55, 110 or 165 W
          • Voltage: 230 V

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Sayoli air sterilizer Sayoli 300 with the selected power
          • Two-piece holder
          • 4 rollers
          • 2 bracket screws
          • 8 nuts

          Air sterilizer Sayoli 300 is partially pre-assembled.

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