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          Dr. Früh Control

          BD-Control Disposable Test Packs

          Bowie-Dick test for steam sterilizers

          Article ID: 156687
          Package: 30 piece(s)

          Model: Bowie Dick One Time Test

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          BD-Control Disposable Test Packs from Dr. Früh Control

          The Dr. Früh BD-Control disposable test kit is used for chemical batch control in steam sterilizers and is part of the testing standard in the CSSD. The disposable tests are ready to use and include an indicator card with color change to document the successful sterilization process.

          Product details

          • Indicator cards with color change
          • Bowie-Dick-Test in steam sterilizers
          • Test equipment for proper reprocessing of medical devices
          • Batch control of vacuum autoclaves type B
          • Optimized for Bowie-Dick test programs at 134°C / 3.5 min
          • Color change of the indicator from green to black
          • No preparation time and no risk of handling error
          • Class 2 / DIN EN ISO 11140-1
          • Special coating prevents staining to the environment
          • Heavy metal free indicators
          • Labelable cards
          • Long shelf life, three years from the date of manufacture of the indicator
          • Contains 30 disposable sterilization tests

          Control system for autoclaves

          The Bowie-Dick test features thoroughness and ease of use, as results can be read immediately through a color swatch. The test is odorless and does not stain. The color change from green to black is irreversible to avoid reading errors. If the test is incorrect, the indicator shows a clear lightening. Due to its simple mode of operation, the test is very well suited for the daily quality control of sterilizers. Sterilization of instruments is an important part for medicine to prepare reusable instruments germ-free and hygienically. A correct cleaning process and also the associated disinfection process can only be carried out correctly if the appropriate times are observed and the water vapor has the appropriate temperatures.

          Scope of delivery

          • 30 BD-Control disposable test packs

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

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