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          Sarstedt Dispenser for S-Sedivettes

          Sarstedt dispenser with scale

          Dispenser for S-Sedivettes
          SKU: 188044
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: for 10 Sedivettes

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          Dispenser for S-Sedivettes from Sarstedt

          The Sarstedt S-sedivette stand is particularly practical for taking accurate BSG measurements. The scaled back of the sedivette stands is optimally matched to the scale of the S-sedivette, so that reading off the sedimentation value in comparison with S-sedivettes stored next to it is quick and clear.

          Product details

          • Sarstedt S-Sedivette stand for BSG sedivettes
          • BSG determination in closed system
          • Scaled back wall
          • Sharp contrasts for precise reading
          • No risk of infection as there is no need to decant into pipettes
          • Sedimentation measurement directly in the sampling tube
          • Easy handling
          • Time-saving

          Sarstedt S-Sedivette stand: the Sediplus system solution

          The Sarstedt Sedivette Stand makes BSG measurement more precise and hygienic than with conventional methods. The proven closed system of the S-Monovette also makes this possible with the S-Sedivette. Blood sedimentation takes place cleanly and in a closed system, completely without a sedimentation pipette.

          BSG measurement using the Sarstedt Sedivette stand

          The comparison makes you rich: For the BSG measurement you simply load the sedivette stand with just filled Sarstedt sedivettes and mark the zero point of each blood sample with the red knurled screws. Then it's time to wait. After one hour, the sedimentation value can be read off the converted scale. This value corresponds to the mm value according to Westergren. The Sarstedt stand is therefore worth the investment. It enables precise reading of the BSG values.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Sarstedt stand for S-sedivettes