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          Bionix LED-Ohrküretten

          Instrument with illumination and magnifier

          SKU: 300129.0
          Package: 50 piece(s)

          Selection: Complete set

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          LED-Ohrküretten from Bionix

          With the aid of the Bionix LED ear burets, a separate lamp can be dispensed with during the examination. The ear burettes direct the light from the supplied light source right into the tip. This makes cleaning the ear canals particularly clear and simple.

          Product details

          • Curettes made of transparent plastic
          • Bright illumination of the curette tip
          • For residue-free removal of cerumen (earwax)
          • Different curette shapes
          • Can be used universally: FlexLoop (oval loop pointed, 4 mm), Wave (wave, 2.5 mm)
          • For adults: CeraSpoon (spoon, 4 mm), AngleLoop (loop round, 4 mm)
          • For children: VersaLoop (oval loop, 3 mm), InfantScoop (spoon, 2 mm), MicroLoop (loop round, 3 mm)
          • Light turns off automatically when curette is removed
          • Multi-use light source lasts for at least 50 applications
          • Incl. light source and magnifying glass
          • Color: Transparent
          • Non-sterile
          • Available as a complete set with all curette shapes or 50 curettes of one shape

          How it works

          Bionix combines the safety of disposable ear curettes with a powerful LED light source and a clear lens. In otorhinolaryngology, gentle curettage of the ear canal is made possible with the help of these LED ear curettes without the need for an additional lamp. The disposable curette is placed on the light source and activates the illumination. The light from the LED light source is directed through the special transparent material of the disposable curette directly into the tip of the instrument, so that every deposit and foreign body can be seen during the examination.

          The ergonomic design of the LED ear curette allows easy handling during ear cleaning. Like an unlit instrument, the curette is held in a pen position for maximum control. Fingers cover the clear shaft of the curette without interrupting the light stream. After use, the hygienic disposable curette is removed from the light source and disposed of. A new curette can be attached to the reusable LED light source for the next application. For even more clarity, a magnifying glass is supplied for attachment, which can also be reused with a new curette.

          Scope of delivery

          • 50 Bionix LED ear curettes in the selected version
          • 1 LED light source
          • 1 clip-on magnifier

          Complete set contains:

          • 1 LED light source
          • 1 clip-on magnifier
          • 8 ear curettes oval loop, pointed, 4 mm
          • 7 spoons, 4 mm
          • 7 loop, round, 4 mm
          • 7 spoons, 2 mm
          • 7 Oval, round, 3 mm
          • 7 Loop, round, 3 mm
          • 7 Shaft, 2.5 mm


          • 1 LED Lichtquelle
          • 1 Aufsteck-Lupe
          • 8 Ohrküretten Ovalschlinge, spitz, 4 mm
          • 7 Löffel, 4 mm
          • 7 Schlinge, rund, 4 mm
          • 7 Löffel, 2 mm
          • 7 Oval, rund, 3 mm
          • 7 Schlinge, rund, 3 mm
          • 7 Welle, 2,5 mm
          Properties: sterile
          Product Type: Disposable Instruments

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.

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