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          Vitrex Haematocrit closure wax

          For sealing micro haematocrit capillaries

          Haematocrit closure wax
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          Haematocrit closure wax from Vitrex

          Vitrex Haematocrit Sealing Wax is used to seal glass capillaries during haematocrit determination. For user-friendly handling, the special wax lies in a thin layer in the center of the plastic plate. The clean end of the filled capillary is pressed into the putty to seal it before centrifugation. For processing multiple samples, up to 24 glass pipettes can be placed in the numbered wells on the edge of the plate. The wax lasts for several hundred applications and has a long shelf life because it does not dry out.

          Product details

          • Wax for sealing micro haematocrit capillaries 
          • Plastic plate with numbered deposit fields (24 pieces)
          • Does not dry out
          • Gives a good separation line of the blood sample
          • Sufficient for several hundred capillaries
          • Composition: 67% calcium carbonate, 18% petrolatum, 15% wax, 2% titanium dioxide
          • Shelf life: approx. 4 years

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 plate Vitrex Haematocrit sealing wax