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          Immersion oil for microscopy

          With high refractive index for use with oil immersion lenses

          Immersion oil for microscopy
          Order number: 281035
          Package: 5 ml

          Content: 5 ml

          €11.84 * gross
          (€236.80 * / 100 ml)
          €9.95 * net
          (€198.99 * / 100 ml)

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          Immersion oil for microscopy from Motic

          The transparent Motic immersion oil is applied between the cover glass and oil immersion objective in light microscopy. Due to the high refractive index of the embedding fluid, even flat light rays enter the objective and increase the resolving power. A small drop of the oil is sufficient for viewing specimens at high magnification, therefore the dropper bottle of Motic immersion oil is small, handy and equipped with a fine tip.

          Product details

          • Transparent oil for light microscopy
          • For use with high-resolution immersion objectives
          • Transparent liquid with high refractive index
          • Increases the numerical aperture of the objective lens
          • Increases the resolving power of a microscope
          • Dropper bottle with screw cap
          • Ingredients: petroleum, terphenyl, butenes 

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 dropper bottle Motic immersion oil for microscopy à 5 ml