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          Laser Engraving

          Individually labelled products are the ideal gift and also provide effective protection against mix-ups and theft in the workplace. Make your instrument something very special! Thanks to our high-quality laser technology, your name, company logo or personal dedication will be stylishly staged and permanently preserved. And: unlike many other providers, our laser engraving is done without compulsory advertising! We will be happy to provide you with a customised quote and advise you personally on special editions, logo engravings or company names.


          Engraving Service

          Would you like to buy an engraved stethoscope? Do you want to personalise your instrument by engraving your name or another personal message on it? Customised products are a perfect gift! They are also easy to identify, preventing any possible mix-ups or thefts at work. Give diagnostic instruments and medical accessories that special something with a personalised engraving!

          Your personalised instrument

          Our high-quality laser engraving will beautifully place your name or personal message on your desired product.

          What do we engrave? Well, almost everything that can get engraved! We work with a laser which guarantees high quality and an excellent look. We can laser engrave products made of stainless steel, aluminium or other metals. Unfortunately, plastic instruments cannot be engraved.

          How about an engraved DocCheck or Littmann stethoscope? We can also engrave reflex hammers, otoscopes, diagnostic lights, and other instruments or medical accessories. The nurse’s watch with personalised inscription is particularly popular!

          And the very best: Unlike other retailers, our laser engraving does not include any advertising. We only engrave your text!

          DocCheck’s Shop engraving service

          • Haken A personalised engraving on engravable products for only 7.95 € (net) or 9.46 € (gross)
          • Haken Your requested text on a stethoscope, otoscope, diagnostic light or other medical instruments
          • Haken Personalisation through names, dedications and more
          • Haken Durable thanks to high-quality laser technology
          • Haken Laser engraving without advertising: we only engrave your text


          How to get your personalised engraving

          • HakenChoose your desired product on our shop and select “laser engraving” in the advanced options.
          • HakenHere, you can enter your personalised text. It can be a name, initials, your station’s or clinic’s name, a personal message…
          • HakenPlease note that our engravings have a predefined maximum text length, which varies depending on the item.


          Our engraving sample images will give you an approximate idea on how your product will look once engraved. The sample images are always shown with the product’s black version and marked with our engraving icon.

          Our engraving service – What to consider

          Personalised, engraved items are custom-made. Exchange or return are therefore not possible. Also, due to the individual manufacturing, the delivery time will increase by an additional 5 working days.