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          Dr. Mach

          Mach 115 Untersuchungsleuchte Stativmodell


          Mach 115 Untersuchungsleuchte Stativmodell
          Article ID: 114998
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Stativmodell

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          Mach 115 Untersuchungsleuchte Stativmodell from Dr. Mach

          This halogen-spotlight leaves nothing to be desired. With this lamp you work as in day-light conditions. Color-rendering of up to Ra=96 guarantees an extraordinary luminescence-quality. Even finest color-nuances in tissue are visible. For an additional charge, lamp can be delivered with a heat-guard. Lamp-body and arms are flexible in all directions and thus additionally simplify precise positioning. With the brightness-regulation, you flexibly adjust to any light-situation. The transformer integrated into the housing completes the impression of clear design.

          • halogen-spotlight
          • optionally deliverable as floor-model with 5 casters or as wall-model
          • 85 cm swinging radius, lamp-body and arms can be turned in all directions
          • luminescence (0,5 m): 50.000 Lux
          • pleasant day-light lighting and brightness-regulation for optimal work conditions

          Technical data Mach 115
          Luminescence at 0,5 m 50.000 Lux
          Color-rendering index at 4300 K 96
          Light-field at 0,5 m 150 mm
          Color temperature 3000 K
          Working distance 200 - 800 mm
          Light-field at 0,5 m 150 mm
          Lamp-body diameter 140 mm
          Halogen bulb 12 V / 35 W
          Power supply 230 V