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          Seirin J-type acupuncture needles

          With guide tube

          SKU: 245248
          Package: 100 piece(s)

          Size and color: 0.25 x 40 mm, purple

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          J-type acupuncture needles from Seirin

          In contrast to type B, Seirin acupuncture needles type J have a guide tube for even gentler insertion. The edges of the protective tube are rounded so that each acupuncture needle can be inserted gently. Thanks to the stainless steel design, these particularly finely ground acupuncture needles can be inserted very easily and quickly. Seirin type J acupuncture needles are the ideal companion for the gentlest possible treatment. In addition, the polypropylene handle of each individual acupuncture needle is skin-friendly and ergonomically shaped. As a result, it lies comfortably and securely between the fingers and enables the practitioner to hit the corresponding meridian with pinpoint accuracy

          Product details

          • Extra gentle J-type acupuncture needles
          • Extremely finely ground
          • With protective tube for optimum needle guidance
          • Ergonomically shaped plastic handle for precise puncturing and a good grip
          • Color coding - for easy identification of the different lengths and strengths
          • Material: Special steel
          • Individually sterile packed
          • Shelf life 2 years from production date
          • Available in different sizes and colors:
            • Red - thickness 0.16 x 30 mm
            • Purple - thickness 0.25 x 40 mm
            • Brown - thickness 0.3 x 50 mm or 0.3 x 30 mm
            • Blue - thickness 0.2 x 30 mm

          What can acupuncture actually do?

          Acupuncture comes as a healing procedure from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here, acupuncture is used to improve or change certain bodily functions - and has been for thousands of years. This form of treatment works because TCM is based on meridians. These are predefined energy flows that run through the entire body and influence every person. In turn, people can influence these pathways through acupuncture - or acupressure.

          Acupuncture needles are used successfully for osteoarthritis - especially knee osteoarthritis - and also for recurring migraines. Here, acupuncture is not only used for treatment, but also for prophylaxis. More and more areas of Western medicine are making use of TCM knowledge. More and more obstetricians and midwives are also relying on acupuncture for pregnant women to speed up the forthcoming birth and spare their babies a few contractions.

          Package contents

          • 1 pack of 100 Seirin J-type acupuncture needles in the selected size and color
          Properties: sterile

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