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          Hecht Assistent

          Cupping Glass

          cupping glasses

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          Selection: without olive, without ball, 2 Ø 3 cm

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          Cupping Glass from Hecht Assistent

          Hecht Assistant cupping glasses are carefully mouth-blown from high quality glass. As a result, each individual cupping head has the optimal shape for medical and hospital use. Hecht cupping heads are individually applicable due to the possibility to choose them with or without hose olive as well as ball.

          • mouth-blown cupping heads with or without olive and ball
          • with or without glass tube for air suction
          • different sizes for optimal adaptation to patient needs
          • with rubber bellows on request
          • Available in different diameters

          Cupping glasses: an alternative therapy for detoxification

          Each Hecht-Assistent cupping glass is mouth-blown and made of glass for easy cleaning (e.g. in the dishwasher with subsequent disinfection). Each massage cupping glass is precisely blown and optimally shaped so that the ideal amount of negative pressure can be created during cupping. With this negative pressure, the desired detoxification can be achieved during excretory procedures, such as excretory cupping therapy. The cupping glasses for fireless cupping are especially intended for dry cupping. Bloody cupping sometimes has a more intensive effect than dry cupping, but it cannot be performed on every patient. These cupping glasses from Hecht-Assistent can also be used for cupping massage. Since different cupping glasses are needed for cupping massage therapy, why not put together a cupping set? The cupping set can contain glasses with different diameters, which can be ordered with or without suction ball and olive.

          Cupping: Where is the benefit?

          The cupping glass or cupping head is applied to specific parts of the body that have been palpated beforehand. Due to the fact that the air in the cupping glass has been heated beforehand, the pressure conditions needed for humoral therapy can be produced. However, a special suction cup can also do this. Cupping is usually done in the area of myogelosis to affect the internal organs. Bloody or wet cupping has a slightly more intensive effect than the dry form. In both cases, one uses cupping heads or cupping glasses to achieve the desired result.

          A relatively wide range of complaints can be treated by cupping. Thus, this form of therapy is said to have an effect on migraine and rheumatism, but also on lumbago, knee problems and hypertension. Even bronchitis, tonsil problems, asthma and depression are said to be improved by cupping therapy. Caution: dry cupping therapy should not be used on pregnant women until the 16th week of pregnancy. Tuberculosis and tumor patients or patients with sunburn should also not be treated with cupping.

          Depending on your practice needs, you can assemble a cupping glass set for vacuum massage from cupping glasses with different diameters. Choose between the sizes 25 mm Ø, 35 mm Ø, 44 mm Ø, 50 mm Ø and 65 mm Ø. In addition, for each size you can decide whether you want the variant with or without rubber ball and olive. Please note that due to the purely handmade production method, there may be slight deviations in diameter.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 cupping head with or without ball, with or without olive in the selected Ø