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          Naturhelix Ear candles nature


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          Ear candles nature from Naturhelix

          Naturhelix Earcandles: Pure Nature!

          With the traditional Hopi ear candling treatment you choose a simple and natural healing method. The ear candle is placed in the external auditory canal. When the candle burns out, the patient feels warmth and a slight vibration. Naturhelix Hopi candles are available in a variety of scents, as well as "natural" candles.

          • Naturhelix Earcandles
          • unscented ear candles nature for adults
          • gentle heat conduction to the inner ear
          • traditional shamanic remedy of the Hopi Indians
          • 100 % organic quality
          • free from dyes
          • free of artificial additives
          • with natural essential oils
          • Diameter of 10 mm / 15 mm (bottom / top)
          • Length about 24 cm
          • maximum burning time 11 min.
          • each candle is provided with a gauze filter

          Natural healing by means of ear candles

          Super easy treatment with the Naturhelix Hopi candles can be done at home. The ear candle is placed in the external auditory canal. Now the Naturhelix ear candle begins to burn down. While burning down, the candle creates a pleasant warmth and a sensation of vibration waves in the patient's ear canal. This feeling is made possible by the chimney effect of the Natur ear candles. This means that a moderate vacuum is created by the candles. Naturhelix ear candles are available not only as natural ear candles, but also in other fragrance variants.

          The treatment with Naturhelix Earcandles - step by step

          Make sure that the ear candle treatment takes place in a draft-free room. This way the candle will burn evenly during the treatment. To avoid burn injuries, never use the ear candles alone and on yourself!

          Preparing ear candles

          For the ear candle application you need two ear candles with protective disc (Both ears must always be treated!). Prepare water to extinguish the candles and a glass for the patient. Before and after the treatment, the patient should drink at least half a glass of water to promote detoxification of the body. If necessary, provide a cotton cloth or ear candle treatment cloth to cover the hair. Matches or a lighter are also needed.

          Prepare patients

          Ear candling should be applied in as comfortable and calm an atmosphere as possible. The patient lies down in a comfortable sideways position so that the candle can be placed vertically on the external auditory canal. With a short massage of the auricle and the surrounding area, one can increase the effect of the ear candling treatment.
          Next, the assistant should cover the surrounding head area and the patient's hair with a cloth.

          Light the ear candle

          Pull the protective disc up from the bottom to the marked line. Now light the upper, wider end of the candle. Shortly after lighting, you will notice fine white smoke at the narrow end of the candle. Please wait a few seconds (maximum 30 seconds) until the chimney effect is completely created and no more smoke comes out of the lower candle opening.

          The ear candle treatment

          Then place the narrower end of the candle with the gauze filter vertically on the patient's external auditory canal. The protective screen should cover the assistant's hand throughout the treatment. Make sure that the ear candle sits comfortably on the patient's external ear canal. The candle must be held vertically during the treatment. Once the candle has burned down to the mark, simply remove it from the patient's ear. Now you should treat the patient's other ear in the same way. After the ear candling treatment, it is recommended to relax for 10 to 15 minutes. If possible, keep the ears warm and dry for half a day after the treatment.

          Important notes on the use of ear candles

          Ear candling treatment is not recommended in the following exceptional cases:

          • if patients cannot lie still during the treatment (e.g., because of acute coughing or sneezing fits, etc.)
          • if patients are afraid of the treatment and it is to be expected that they might jerk their head away during the treatment
          • in infants under 3 years of age
          • in case of allergies or sensitivities to components of the ear candles
          • in case of acute ear infections (e.g. of the external auditory canal), injured eardrum, inner ear implants, etc.

          We would like to draw your attention to the fact that ear candling treatment must be performed at your own risk and responsibility. Ear candling treatment is a complementary therapy, it cannot be a substitute for professional medical advice.

          All information about the application and effects of ear candling is based on experiences of therapists and users. We cannot report any results or documents of official medical research. Please note that our information brochure cannot be considered as medical advice. In case of doubt, please consult your doctor, therapist or pharmacist.

          • Observe general fire safety precautions to avoid possible fires.
          • Never use ear candles on yourself alone!
          • Never burn the ear candle completely!
          • Make sure that the treatment is carried out in a draft-free room.

          Scope of delivery

          • 10 Earcandles Nature for adults