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          Gymna Combi 400V electrotherapy combination device

          With vacuum module for electro, ultrasound, and laser therapy

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Ultrasound/electrotherapy device with vacuum module

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          Combi 400V electrotherapy combination device from Gymna

          The Gymna Combi 400V is an extensively equipped professional therapy device for pain relief, tissue repair, and muscle stimulation. Electrotherapy can be performed via an electronically controlled vacuum unit by using rubber electrodes or suction electrodes. This professional device also enables treatments with ultrasound or a combination therapy. A comprehensive program selection for physiotherapy, intelligent solutions for successful treatment strategies, and its guided therapy system (GTS) for navigation make the Gymna 400 series user-friendly and intuitive. The device operates according to the newest recommendations of evidence-based therapy and complies with the latest scientific studies. A comprehensive medical database and anatomical view of the musculoskeletal system provide assistance in finding therapy and offer a clear and competent explanation of the treatment.

          Product details

          • Electrotherapy with ultrasound support in one combined device
          • Incl. modular vacuum unit with suction electrode and integrated water tank
          • 2-channel technology, 2 and 4 poles
          • Guided therapy system (GTS) with easy color management
          • Large touchscreen with full-color graphics
          • Preset standard programs for every application and indication
          • With 31 current types
          • Anatomical library
          • Medical device of class IIa 93/42/EEC
          • Incl. accessories for electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, touch pen, and contact gel
          • Measurements: W 36 x H 33 x D 28.5 cm
          • Weight incl. accessories: approx. 10.8 kg

          Functions of the Combi 400 series

          Innovative color coding system

          The guided therapy system (GTS) stands for innovative navigation. Functions like electro, ultrasound, or combination therapy, as well as optimal vacuum and laser therapy are designed in a uniform color design, from the therapy selection to the parameter display. Large selection keys on the display enable a fast and easy start of the therapy.
          With the setup assistant, the device settings can additionally be customized for a personal touch and intuitive handling of every application.

          • Programs selectable by treatment objective, area of the body, indication, or cellular effects
          • Detailed images for placing electrodes and devices on the body
          • I/T curve diagnostic programs (stimulus intensity/stimulus time curve diagnostics
          • Diagnostic programs for the state of the electrical sensitivity of the neuromuscular system (S-D curve)


          • Combi 400 unit for 2 or 4 rubber electrodes
          • Vacuum unit Vaco 400 for suction electrodes
          • Two independent channels each, simultaneous or 2-polar control
          • Treating two different pathologies at the same time with two different current forms
          • Iontophoresis treatment
          • Currents: rectified, diadynamic, interferential, TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), (neuromuscular electrical stimulation), as well as micro and high voltage current

          Ultrasound therapy

          The included ultrasound probe with a surface of 4 cm² and frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz creates massage vibrations and deep heat using sound waves.

          • Constant and pulsating mode
          • Complete absorption of ultrasound waves
          • Optionally available: ultrasound probe with 1 cm² (1 and 3 MHz)

          Combination therapy

          Combi 400’s two-channel technology allows for the combination of electrotherapy with ultrasound application to optimize treatments.

          • Many available current types and forms for the combination therapy programs
          • Simultaneous therapy: separate treatment of two different indications
          • Combination therapy: application of two methods at the same time for treatment intensification of an indication
          • Optional therapy methods: electrotherapy / laser or ultrasound / laser

          Technical details

          • Display: 10.4“, TFT LCD touchscreen
          • Currents: 31, various current forms
          • Current forms with combination therapy: 18
          • Functions: treatment objective, indications, diagnostics, body part, cellular effects, standard therapy programs, free space menu, anatomy library
          • 2 ultrasound outlet connections
          • Incl. multi-probe (1 and 3 MHz), 4 cm², constant and pulsating mode (10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 100 %)
          • Vaco 400 vacuum unit: electronic vacuum control, constant or pulsating mode, integrated massage function
          • USB connection for software updates
          • Languages: 13
          • Adjustable loudspeakers for acoustic feedback
          • Storage for programs and results (850 spaces)
          • Medical product: class IIa
          • Safety class II
          • Insulation: type BF
          • Mains voltage: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
          • Maximum power, in operation: 100 VA

          Package contents

          • 1 Gymna Combi 400 electrotherapy combination device
          • 1 Gymna Vaco 400 vacuum device
          • 1 multi-frequency ultrasound probe 4cm² (1 & 3 MHz)
          • 4 rubber electrodes (6 x 8 cm)
          • 4 Chamex sponge pockets for electrodes
          • 4 vacuum electrodes (60 mm)
          • 4 round sponges for vacuum electrode (60 mm)
          • 4 fixation straps (5 x 60 cm)
          • 2 patient electrode cables, two-core
          • 1 connection cable (power supply and communication)
          • 1 connection cable (electrotherapy)
          • 4 vacuum tubes (2x light gray, 2x dark gray)
          • 1 pain scale (scorecard with visual analogue scale)
          • 500 ml contact gel
          • 1 touch pen
          • 1 power cord

          According to MPBetriebV, a mandatory briefing is needed for this product if you're based in Germany. The briefing is not included in the purchase price.

          Return policy

          This item is not eligible for returns.

          For consumers, the right of withdrawal does not apply to contracts for the delivery of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health protection or hygiene if their seal has been removed after delivery.

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