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          Magister II Two-sided Stethoscope

          Extra heavy for an excellent acoustic experience

          Order number: 102079.0
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Color: Silver

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          Magister II Two-sided Stethoscope from Spengler

          The Magister II Two-sided Stethoscope is Spengler’s most versatile stethoscope. The French manufacturer has come up with a diagnostic instrument which features a unique design and excellent acoustics. This multifunctional stethoscope is perfect for physicians, pediatricians, and medical students. It is made of stainless steel and extra heavy, facilitating a better transmission of sound waves and vibrations. Moreover, the Magister II is the result of an ambitious collaboration between researchers from the Centre nationale de la recherche scientifique (French National Center for Scientific Research) and students from the École centrale de Marseille school of engineering.

          Product details

          • High quality Magister II Two-sided Stethoscope
          • Stainless steel and heavyweight chestpiece
          • Precisely manufactured
          • Two-sided chestpiece: for auscultating both adults and children
          • New ear hook design for better acoustics
          • Includes silicone ear tips for excellent comfort
          • Innovative tubing technology for better background noise isolation
          • Latex-free
          • Available in different versions: Silver Edition or Black Edition

          The heavyweight among chestpieces

          The MagisterII’s chestpiece has been specially designed to be heavier and larger, a feature that absorbs sound waves better and therefore delivers exceptional acoustics. The Magister II can outperform most conventional stethoscopes thanks to this chestpiece

          Always versatile

          You will be able to auscultate both adult and infant patients without needing to change your stethoscope thanks to the two-sided chestpiece. Both sides also feature floating diaphragms that will allow you to hear high and low frequencies by simply adjusting the pressure you put on the chestpiece

          Small dot, big difference

          The stethoscope has a red dot indicating which chestpiece side is active.

          Improved ear hooks

          The Magister II’s ear hooks feature a new shape which gives them a certain lightness, all without any angular edges. These hooks are therefore able to transmit excellent sound waves to the ear tips.

          Technical details

          • Acoustic performance: 7.5
          • Weight (chestpiece): 105 g
          • Weight (stethoscope): 168 g
          • Diameter (adult membrane): 47.3 mm
          • Diameter (children membrane): 37.5 mm
          • Chestpiece material: Stainless steel
          • Tubing length: 50 cm

          Delivery contents

          • 1 Magister II Two-sided Stethoscope in the desired color
          • 2 pairs of ear tips
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