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          ERKA Precise Stethoscope with Premium Case

          With exceptionally precise dual membrane

          SKU: 100256.5
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing color: Dark Green

          €105.91 inc. VAT*
          €89.00 ex. VAT*

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          Kobold Blutdruckmessgerät mit Rapidmanschette
          €59.90 ex. VAT*
          €71.28 inc. VAT*
          Precise Stethoskop mit Premium Case
          €75.00 ex. VAT*
          €89.25 inc. VAT*
          GreenCuff Superb Rapid Blutdruckmanschette
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          Item in stock

          The delivery will take place between the 31.05.2024 and 04.06.2024

          Precise Stethoscope with Premium Case from ERKA

          ERKA has redefined the concept of high-end stethoscope! The open funnel of the ERKA Precise Stethoscope allows you to easily auscultate low frequencies. The ERKA dual membrane will enable the best sensitive auscultation of both low and high frequencies!

          Product details

          • Two-sided ERKA Precise cardiology chestpiece
          • Open funnel, designed for low frequencies
          • Membrane detects complete frequency spectrum
          • Highly polished and pore-free chrome-plating
          • Patented ERKA dual membrane
          • Sound chamber’s outstanding design
          • Dual-lumen tubing
          • Easy to clean and compatible with most medical cleaning agents
          • Particularly suitable in diagnostic medicine
          • Includes soft silicone ear tips and Premium Case carrying bag
          • Made in Germany
          • Diameter of the small membrane: ⌀ 30 mm
          • Diameter of the large membrane: ⌀ 52 mm
          • Available in different colors

          The ERKA Precise Stethoscope – Made for accurate examinations

          All ERKA stethoscopes feature optimally ergonomic chestpieces. These pieces allow you to auscultate hard-to-reach body parts. The patented ERKA dual membrane is designed to act as an additional sound chamber, optimizing the sound transmission. This will allow you to reliably auscultate even the most subtle of body sounds. The ERKA Sensitive stethoscopes are made of brass and have a hand-polished, pore-free, and chrome-plated surface. This material is significantly more resistant to germs and bacteria than stainless steel or aluminum. The non-chill rim of the chestpiece will ensure maximum comfort for your patient while protecting at the same time the membrane.

          The ERKA Sensitive stethoscope’s dual-lumen tubing incorporates two parallel inner tubes that block any friction noises. This optimizes the sound image and minimizes background noise: ideal for cardiologists! The spring tension setting ensures that no acoustics get lost on the way from the chestpiece to the ear.

          The ERKA Sensitive Stethoscope feature ergonomically shaped, adjustable ear hooks that guarantee an optimal fit. The standard 15° angled ear tips can be individually adjusted to your ear canal and will isolate external noise, making a reliable, comfortable, and precise auscultation possible.

          What makes ERKA stethoscopes so special? Every single one of them has been elaborately hand-polished and chrome-plated by a master craftsman. This means that each one of them is a unique piece made in Germany

          Package contents

          • 1 ERKA Precise Stethoscope in the desired color
          • 1 Premium Case transporting bag
          • 1 pair of soft ear tips

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