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          MDF MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope

          Lightweight stethoscope with patented screw-on and convertible chestpiece in rainbow colors

          SKU: 101123.12
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Tubing color: Tie Dye

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          MD One Epoch Titan Stethoskop
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          Item in stock

          The delivery will take place between the 26.07.2024 and 30.07.2024

          MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope from MDF

          Standing out has never been easier! MDF’s MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope will complement your personal style with modern designs. Do you want a paw print in honor of your four-legged patients, or maybe a colorful tribute to the 70s? This stethoscope is not only pretty to look at: its robust titanium, excellent acoustics, ergonomic design, and high wearing comfort will both impress you and guarantee precise auscultations!

          Product details

          • Modern two-sided stethoscope
          • Titanium chest piece with uncompromising sound quality
          • 45 % lighter than stainless steel
          • Skin-friendly and suitable for allergy sufferers
          • Corrosion-resistant and anti-magnetic
          • Energetic look for more colour in your daily routine
          • Ergonomic design for comfortable wear
          • Tight-fitting ComfortSeal silicone ear tips
          • Highly sensitive diaphragm for clear acoustics
          • Extra-thick tube for unique sound transmission
          • Includes non-chill rim, spare diaphragm, spare ear tips, and an ID tag
          • Earpiece material: titanium
          • Tube material: PVC
          • Latex and phtalate-free
          • Diameter (large bell): 44 mm
          • Diameter (small bell): 34 mm
          • Tube length: 53 cm
          • Total length: 79.5 cm
          • Optional engraving
          • Available in different colours

          MD One Epoch Titanium Stethoscope

           The chestpiece and earpieces are made of high-grade titanium. The metal is 45 % llighter than stainless steel. Despite its low weight, the MD One Epoch titanium stethoscope impresses with its excellent, uncompromising sound quality. The advantage of the special material lies not only in the reduced weight, but also in the unrivalled titanium properties: it is just as robust and resistant as stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and non-magnetic. The light metal is immunologically particularly well tolerated. It has been used for decades in many medical fields, especially as an implant. The breast piece is therefore safe for sensitive patients and allergy sufferers.

          The MDF MD One is a two-sided stethoscope that features a valve stem which can be fully rotated. A green indicator dot will allow you to easily identify the active sound channel. The highly sensitive diaphragm guarantees a balanced acoustic transmission, while the non-chill rim will make sure your patient feels as comfortable as possible. The large bell of the chestpiece amplifies the noise and isolates acoustics in the low frequency range.

          The acoustic tube of the MD One stethoscope deliver some superior sound transmission. The Y-tube is made of a thicker and dense PVD. Additionally, the latex-free material is allergy-friendly and non-sticky. The stethoscope’s tube is very robust and particularly resistant to cracks, scratches and other wear and tear that may come with regular use.

          The headpiece features a patented SafetyLock adapter, which will make sure that your ear tips will not budge an inch. These ear tips do not only guarantee your safety, but also offer an outstanding wearing comfort. They are made of soft, phthalate-free silicone. The ear tips come in three different sizes and will reliably cancel out background noise and allow you to wear the stethoscope comfortably even during intensive use.

          Color variety when auscultating

          As individual as you: Every MDF MD One has its own style!

          PsycheDahlia: This design may remind you of some of the medicine cabinet’s content, but do not worry, you can legally carry it around with you! It features crystal clear acoustics and a magical look – without any side effects.

          Tie Dye: All trends come back. If hippies remind you of your youth, this stethoscope’s fresh tie-dye look is just the right thing for you. The colorful rainbow gradient will brighten up your daily routine at work.

          Paws: Do you miss your four-legged friend? This paw-printed stethoscope will not bring you the newspaper in the morning, but it will be a huge medical aid! The MD One combines highly sensitive acoustics with a clear finish and will be your lifelong companion.

          Free-Parts Program

          Free spare parts! MDF Instrument offers all registered customers free spare parts with the Free-Parts Program. This includes ear tips that fit all MDF stethoscopes, as well as retaining rims, non-chill rims, diaphragms, and ID tags. Simply contact us via our contact form.

          Package contents

          • 1 MD One Epoch Titanium Blackout Stethoscope
          • 2 pairs of ComfortSeal tips
          • 2 additional diaphragms
          • 1 ID tag
          • 1 small non-chill rim
          Service options: Laser engraving

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