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          Aquabot ear irrigation system

          Pressure sprayer and collection container

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          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Model: Aquabot ear irrigation system

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          Aquabot ear irrigation system from Bionix

          The Bionix Aquabot pressure sprayer is designed for maximum comfort during ear rinsing. The pump spray bottle is lightweight and can be operated with one hand. Three jets of water are sprayed at a 30 degree angle for thorough cleaning of the ear canal, which is especially gentle on the eardrum.

          Product details

          • For thorough cleaning of the ear canal
          • Eardrum is not directly hit by the jet
          • Handy pressure spray bottle
          • Pump up pressure before treatment
          • One-finger button to trigger the spray jet
          • 3 spray jet system at 30° angle
          • Two operating modes: "Stealth" for spraying with plenty of water and "Pulse" for saving water
          • Hygienic due to disposable nozzles
          • Ear tips can be used for children and adults
          • Incl. collecting container
          • Volume: approx. 650 ml

          How it works

          The Aquabot ear rinsing device makes professional ear cleaning quick and easy at the touch of a button. The pressure spray bottle is filled with warm cleaning liquid and pressurized using the pump lever. This allows the ear rinsing system to be operated with a light touch of the finger. The spray system does not hit the eardrum directly due to the angled nozzles. This makes the application safe and gentle. The OtoClear tips have a Luer lock attachment and can also be used with conventional syringes.

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 Bionix Aquabot ear irrigation system
          • 1 nozzle with Luer-Lock attachment
          • 20 OtoClear tips
          • 1 collection container
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