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          Bionix OtoClear ear irrigation system


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          OtoClear ear irrigation system from Bionix

          The Bionix OtoClear ear rinsing system is used for professional ear cleaning. The water jet gently cleans the auditory canal while protecting the eardrum. The set is supplied together with an ergonomically shaped collection container and is quickly ready for use.

          Product details

          • For cleaning the ear canal with water
          • Pump handle bottle with replaceable spray tips
          • Patient-friendly due to spray jet in 30° design
          • Tips with Luer-Lock connection
          • Incl. 500 ml spray bottle, collection container and 20 OtoClear disposable tips

          Professional ear cleaning with Bionix

          The OtoClear ear rinser gently flushes cerumen from the ears.The OtoClear ear rinsing system is based on 3-jet technology. The interchangeable nozzle fits any ear canal and features a water guidance system. The ear tips produce three spray jets at a 30° angle. As a result, the eardrum is not directly hit by the water jet. The openings in the spray nozzle are designed to allow rinse water to drain easily and not build up pressure in the ear canal.

          The OtoClear Tips are hygienic disposables that are freshly screwed on for each patient. The special rounded shape makes the spray tips suitable for both adults and children. As the tips are equipped with a universal Luer-Lock connection, they can also be used with corresponding syringes.

          Package contents

          • 1 Bionix spray bottle (500 ml)
          • 1 adapter for OtoClear tips
          • 1 collection container
          • 20 Bionix OtoClear disposable tips

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