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          EDAN SE-12 Express ECG

          Mobile 12-channel device for resting or stress ECG

          SKU: 124258
          Package: 1 piece(s)

          Selection: Resting ECG

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          SE-12 Express ECG from EDAN

          The Edan SE-12 Express ECG meets all requirements in doctor’s offices and clinics, and can be used as a resting ECG or a stress ECG. It can be used for both completely mobile or, with its classic features and connection interfaces, for stationary examinations. Its foldable 12.1" multicolor LCD touchscreen offers enough space for displaying all waveforms of a 12-channel examination. Before printing, all determined values can be examined in a well-organized report preview.

          Product details

          • 12-channel ECG system with integrated thermal printer
          • Foldable 12.1" multicolor LCD touchscreen
          • Modern one-button operation
          • Display of all 12 waveforms
          • Also suitable for pediatric use
          • Pacemaker signal detection
          • Heart rate variability assessment
          • Lead map as support for placing leads
          • Auto-detection of poor connections or missing electrodes
          • Report preview before export and printing
          • Connection to external printers possible (sold separately)
          • Alphanumeric keyboard with shortcut keys
          • Measurements: L 330 x W 420 x H 120 mm
          • Weight: approx. 6.5 kg
          • Available as standard version or with ergometry kit

          The kits: standard and extended ergometry

          The Edan SE-12 Express is available in a standard kit for resting ECG measurements or in an extended ergometry kit for stress ECG measurements. The ergometry kit makes it possible to connect the ECG to an external ergometry device via the supplied connection cables, be it a bicycle, a treadmill, or a blood pressure monitor. Moreover, SE-12 Express unites everything in one place: integrated thermal printer, Wi-Fi connection, and battery operation which allows for completely mobile use. Alternatively, interfaces for an external printer, a LAN connection, and a power cord also enable a classic stationary use. Both kits include SE-1515 data management software, which not only allows for an easy management of all patient data, but also the linking of several ECG devices.

          Technical details

          • Internal storage: approx. 800 ECG measurements
          • Software: SE-1515 data management software
          • Measuring range pulse: 30 - 300 bpm
          • Measuring accuracy pulse: ± 1 bpm
          • Bandwidth: 0.01 - 300 Hz
          • Sampling rate: 16,000 Hz with pacemaker detection
          • Data transmission: Wi-Fi, LAN and RS-232
          • Power supply: mains or battery power
          • Grid operation: 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz
          • Battery type: lithium-ions
          • Battery capacity: 5,000 mAh (approx. 350 ECG measurements)
          • QWERTY keyboard layout

          Delivery contents

          Edan SE-12 Express as resting ECG in the standard kit

          • 1 Edan SE-12 Express ECG
          • 1 data management software SE-1515
          • 1 patient cable
          • 6 suction electrodes
          • 4 clip electrodes
          • 100 sheets of recording paper
          • 1 power cord
          • 1 lithium-ion battery
          • Instruction manual

          Edan SE-12 Express as stress ECG in the ergometry kit

          • 1 Edan SE-12 Express ECG
          • 1 data management software SE-1515
          • 1 patient cable
          • 6 suction electrodes
          • 4 clip electrodes
          • 25 single-use adhesive electrodes
          • 100 sheets of recording paper
          • 1 RS-232 connecting cable for blood pressure monitor
          • 1 RS-232 connecting cable for treadmill
          • 1 RS-232 connecting cable for ergometer
          • 1 snap-style ECG cable (IEC/AHA)
          • 1 ECG belt (1.4 m)
          • 1 power cord
          • 1 lithium-ion battery
          • instruction manual

          An obligatory instruction is needed for this product in Germany according to MPBetriebV. The instruction is not included in the price.

          A fee-based instruction by the manufacturer is possible after agreement. Please contact us for more information.