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          SE-1515 ECG Data Management Software

          Innovative system extension for ECGs in a workstation

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          Model: without DX12 Sampling Box

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          SE-1515 ECG Data Management Software from EDAN

          EDAN's SE-1515 ECG data management software is a PC-based system extension with versatile functions for connecting and organizing different ECG systems in a central workstation. The innovative software enables a bundled connection of standalone ECGs and PC ECGs including data collectors (sampling boxes), the performance of precise examinations and the bidirectional exchange with the internal hospital information system (HIS). In addition, the interface enables cross-site data exchange with uncomplicated exports in all common file formats.

          Product details

          • All-in-one management system for cross-site data management
          • Compatible with SE-12 Express, SE-1200, SE-301 and SE-602 ECGs from EDAN
          • Also compatible with DP12, DX12, DE15 and DE18 data collectors (sampling boxes)
          • Intelligent interface for linking multiple ECGs and hospital information systems
          • Centralized, networkable data pool for standalone ECGs and PC ECGs
          • Remote initiation and monitoring of ECG examinations
          • Seamless ECG examinations with outstanding precision
          • Patient data management, uncomplicated patient registration and report evaluation
          • Cross-system export in versatile file formats
          • Equally suitable for existing and subsequently added devices
          • Integrated ECG glossary in a user-friendly overview
          • Available with or without DX12 Sampling Box

          Innovative all-in-one system for linking, examination and management

          EDAN's versatile SE-1515 management system not only serves as an intelligent network interface, but also combines multi-site data management as a central collection point for patient data and examination results with seamless ECG examinations.

          Intelligent Network Gateway

          As a multi-site network interface, the SE-1515 software enables reliable bidirectional communication between standalone ECGs, data collectors in PC ECG systems and the internal hospital information system (HIS). 

          Central data pool

          The cross-system connection of the data management software combines individual patient data and examination results in a central collection point. This means that all relevant information can be viewed and managed in one place. The data pool can also be seamlessly linked to the HIS for more efficient day-to-day medical handling.

          Precise ECG examinations

          In addition to its organizational and administrative functions, the versatile SE-1515 system is also used in medical practice. For example, the software can be used to easily access external ECGs, start examinations and accompany ongoing ECGs in real time.

          Reliable ECGs with the DX12 Sampling Box 

          The optional DX12 Sampling Box is both a compact 12-lead ECG for individual examinations and a reliable interface between patient and software. All collected data are sent to the PC station via Bluetooth in live transmission and can be viewed, managed and exported there. Inthis way,the setting options of a classic ECG are combined with the innovative additional functions of the SE-1515 software. 

          Technical details

          • Compatibility with DICOM standard
          • File formats: SCP, XML, PDF, DICOM, JPG
          • Connectivity: local area network (LAN)
          • System requirements: Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7 (SP1; 32/64 bit), Windows 8/8.1 (32/64 bit), Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

          Scope of delivery

          • 1 EDAN SE-1515 ECG Data Management Software
          • 1 Quick Reference Card (interpretation guide)
          • 1 activation code

          The computer shown in the picture is not included in the scope of delivery.

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          This item is not eligible for returns.

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